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Team Associated Logo

Associated Electrics, Incorporated (known commonly as Team Associated or AE) is an american manufacturer of radio-controlled cars founded by Roger Curtis and Lee Yurada in 1965 in Southern California, United States.

Team Associated is one of the leading RC cars manufacturers in the world and has built some of the most iconic RC vehicles such as the RC10. The company's Vice-President Cliff Lett has won 7 ROAR National Championships (the only person to ever win 4 in one year), 3 NORRCA National Championships and was an IFMAR World Champion in 1991.

Team Associated RC10

History[edit | edit source]

In 1964, Roger Curtis and Lee Yurada were both working at Douglas Aircraft in Southern California and shared a passion for slot car racing. They decided to open a slot car track in Lynnwood, CA as an after-hours business and called it the Associated Raceway. They went on to make slot car wheels, tires and other accessories which proved succesful and expanded to bodies, braid, slot guides, chassis, and other slot car parts.

Team Associated Founder Roger Curtis
Team Associated Founder Roger Curtis

Associated then moved to a building in Paramount, California where Roger Curtis started working on designing an RC car with friend Mike Morrisey. They called it the RC1. The car dominated opponents during its first races which pushed the company towards becoming an RC cars manufacturer. Wanting to exit the slot car market, Roger Curtis bought off Lee Yurada's shares in 1969. At the time, the company only counted 6 employees but at the 1971 R.O.A.R. Nationals, Team Associated's cars won both main events and set the overall fastest time in the competition.

Roger Curtis then designed the 1/12th scale RC12e which launched in 1978. It was so succesful it single handedly caused Team Associated to double its employees count. The RC12e was a simple but reliable electric-powered car that most racers could afford to own, maintain, and enjoy. Roger Curtis then designed the RC12i which won the first-ever IFMAR 1/12 Electric World Championship in 1982.

In 1980, Team Associated needed to egt into the electric RC market and hired Mike Reedy which stayed in the company until his retirement in 2004.

In 1984, with over 35 employees in the compant, Roger Curtis designed a 1/10th scale electric off-road car: the RC10. In 1985, the RC10 placed first, second, and third at the first-ever 1/10th scale off-road IFMAR World Championship.

In 1987, with over 75 employees, the company moved to a larger building in Costa Mesa, California and Cliff Lett joined Team Associated to head the R&D department together with Roger Curtis and Gene Husting. Together they designed the RC10 cars that won the IFMAR World Championships in 1989 in Australia and in 1991 in Detroit.

In 2000, Associated Electrics merged with Thunder Tiger Corporation.

In 2007, Team Associated moved into new headquarters in Lake Forest, California.

In August 2019, Associated Electrics moved to a new location on Bake Parkway in Lake Forest.

RC products[edit | edit source]

Team Associated RC8b32 RC buggy
Team Associated RC8b32

Team Associated is considered one of the industry leaders in the RC world. Their car of mid and high-end are very respected amongst RC enthusiasts.

List of Team Associated RC vehicles on RCpedia[edit | edit source]

List of on-road electric cars[edit | edit source]

1/10th scale[edit | edit source]

  • Apex Lexus RC-F
  • Apex Lexus RC-F
  • Apex Limited Edition
  • Apex Scion FR-S
  • Apex Scion 2015 FR-S Bl
  • Apex Scion tC
  • Apex Scion 2015 tC Bl
  • Apex V-Type
  • DR10 Drag Race Car
  • ProRally 4x4
  • RC10-DS
  • RC10L
  • RC10L2
  • RC10L2O Oval
  • RC10L3
  • RC10L3 Oval
  • RC10L4 Oval
  • RC10LS
  • RC10LSO Oval
  • RC10LSS Oval
  • RC10R5 Oval FT
  • RC10R5 Touring FT
  • RC10R5.1 FT
  • TC3 FT
  • TC3 Racer
  • TC3
  • TC3 Team
  • TC4
  • TC4 Team
  • TC4 Club Racer
  • TC4 FT
  • TC5 FT
  • TC5F FT
  • TC5R FT
  • TC6 FT
  • TC6.1 Worlds
  • TC6.1 FT
  • TC6.2 FT
  • TC7 FT
  • TC7.1 FT
  • TC7.2 FT
  • RC10F6

1/12th scale[edit | edit source]

  • RC12E
  • RC12i
  • RC12L
  • RC12L3
  • RC12L3O Oval
  • RC12LC
  • RC12LS Graphite
  • RC12LW
  • RC12L4 FT
  • RC12R5 FT
  • RC12R5.1 FT
  • RC12R5.1 LE
  • RC12R5.2 FT
  • RC12R6 FT

1/18th scale[edit | edit source]

  • Apex
  • Apex Mini
  • RC18-R

List of on-road engine cars[edit | edit source]

1/8th scale[edit | edit source]

  • RC1
  • RC100
  • RC150
  • RC200
  • RC250
  • RC300
  • RC500

1/10th scale[edit | edit source]

  • NTC3 FT
  • NTC3 Racer
  • NTC3
  • NTC3 Team
  • RC10-NDS

List of off-road electric cars[edit | edit source]

1/8th scale[edit | edit source]

  • Nomad DB8 LE
  • RC8Be FT
  • RC8e
  • RC8.2e RS
  • RC8.2e FT
  • RC8B3e Team
  • RC8B3.1e Team
  • RC8B3.2e Team
  • RC8Te
  • RC8T3e Team
  • RC8T3.1e Team
  • SC8e
  • SC8.2e

1/10th scale[edit | edit source]

  • RC10
  • TQ10 Graphite
  • RC10 Graphite
  • RC10 CE
  • RC10 Team Car
  • RC10 CE
  • RC10 Worlds Car
  • RC10 B2
  • RC10 B3
  • RC10 B3 Factory Team
  • RC10 B4
  • RC10 B4 Factory Team
  • RC10 B4 SE
  • RC10 B4 RS
  • RC10 B4.1
  • RC10 B4.1 Factory Team
  • RC10 B4.1 Factory Team Worlds
  • RC10 B4.2 Factory Team
  • RC10 B4.2 RS
  • RC10 Classic
  • RC10 B5 Team
  • RC10 B5M Team
  • RC10 World's Car
  • RC10 B5M Factory Lite
  • RC10 B5M Champions Edition
  • RC10 B6 Team Kit
  • RC10 B6D Team Kit
  • RC10 B6 Club Racer
  • RC10 B6.1 Team Kit
  • RC10 B6.1D Team Kit
  • RC10 B6.1 Factory Lite
  • RC10 B6.1DL Team Kit
  • RC10 B6.2D Team
  • RC10 B6.2 Team
  • RC10 B44 FT
  • RC10 B44.1 FT
  • RC10 B44.2 FT
  • RC10 B44.3 FT
  • RC10 B64 Club Racer
  • RC10 B64 Team
  • RC10 B64D Team
  • RC10B74 Team
  • SC10B RS
  • Rival MT10
  • Enduro Trail Truck, Builder's Kit
  • Enduro Trail Truck, Sendero
  • Enduro Trail Truck, Trailwalker
  • Prolite 4x4
  • ProSC 4x4
  • ProSC 4x4 Bl
  • ProSC10 AE Team
  • ProSC10 RJ/Rockstar
  • RC10SC5M Team
  • RC10SC6.1 Team
  • Reflex DB10
  • RC10T (1991)
  • RC10T (1993)
  • RC10 T2
  • RC10 T3 (1997)
  • RC10 T3 (2000)
  • RC10 T4 RS
  • RC10 T4 SE
  • RC10 T4 Team
  • RC10 T4 FT
  • RC10 T4.1
  • RC10 T4.1 FT
  • RC10 T4.2 FT
  • RC10 T4.2 RS
  • RC10 T4.3
  • RC10 T5M
  • RC10 T6.1
  • SC10
  • SC10 FT
  • SC10 4x4
  • SC10 4x4 FT
  • SC10 RS
  • SC10.2 FT
  • SC10.3 JRT
  • SC10.3 Lucas Oil
  • Trophy Rat

1/12th scale[edit | edit source]

  • CR12 Ford F-150
  • CR12 Toyota FJ45
  • CR12 Tioga Trail Truck

1/14th scale[edit | edit source]

  • Reflex 14B

1/18th scale[edit | edit source]

  • RC18-B
  • RC18-B2
  • Reflex
  • RC18-MT
  • Rival Mini MT
  • RC18-T
  • RC18-T FT
  • RC18-T2
  • SC18

1/28th scale[edit | edit source]

  • RC28
  • RC28 Jammin
  • MT28
  • RC28T Race Truck
  • SC28 FOX Factory
  • SC28 Lucas Oil Ed

List of off-road engine cars[edit | edit source]

1/8th scale[edit | edit source]

  • RC8 FT
  • RC8.2
  • RC8.2 FT
  • RC8B
  • RC8B3 Team
  • RC8B3.1 Team
  • RC8B3.2 Team
  • RC8-RS
  • MGT 4.60 Flag
  • MGT 4.60 SE
  • MGT 8.0
  • MGT 8.0 Flag
  • Savage X SS
  • RC8T RS
  • RC8T FT
  • RC8T FT CE
  • RC8T FT LE
  • RC8T3 Team
  • RC8T3.1 Team
  • SC8

1/10th scale[edit | edit source]

  • Mini MGT 3.0
  • Monster GT
  • RC10GT
  • RC10GT2 FT
  • RC10GT2 RS
  • SC10GT

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