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Serpent (known commonly as Serpent Model Racing Cars B.V., or alternatively Serpent Motorsport, Serpent MRC or Team Serpent) is a Chinese owned radio-controled car manufacturer. Originally founded in Heemstede, North Holland in the Netherlands as Serpent Model Racing Cars B.V, it specializes in competition grade radio controlled cars and won numerous IFMAR and EFRA titles, as well as several national titles.

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History[edit | edit source]

Serpent Model Cars B.V. was founded in 1980 as a brand name to Berton BV, named after a combination of its founders' names, Pieter Bervoets and Ron Ton, both radio controlled cars racers. The pair built their first RC car in 1972 using a modified Kyosho Dash 1 chassis. Later, in 1977, they started to develop their first RC car under the Serpent name: the Mk. III Pro. With this car, both won separate EFRA 1:8 titles in 1977 and 1979.

One of the highlights of Serpent's competition career is the total domination during IFMAR World Championship for 1:10 Scale 235mm IC On-Road cars in 1998 in Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands. Serpent dominated the top 10 positions in both the Class 1 (sportscars) and Class 2 (touring cars).

Serpents' cars are nowadays developed using 3D CAD software and tested at the nearby race track in Heemstede. Other than competing in national and international championships, Serpent also has its own one-make series Serpent Nitro Tours and Serpent Series, along with its own drivers' development program (Serpent Driver Development).

Ron Ton sold off his shares to Pieter Bervoets in 1997 who in turn sold the company off to Ronald Baar and the works' championship winning driver and designer, Michael Salven in 2005.

Following the takeover, the company changed its colour scheme from magenta to the national Dutch colour scheme of orange. Another change to the company was, the popular and long running RC community orientated website myTSN was disbanded in favour of a more dedicated company site

In 2008 the Dutch company went into bankruptcy and sold to VectorRC in Holland. Serpent Ltd in Hong Kong is now in charge of the production and Distribution in Asia, Serpent Europe for the European market and Serpent America for the American region. Michael Salven and Ronald de Baar are owners of the Serpent brand and run VectorRC BV which takes care of the development and the marketing world-wide.

As of 2009, Serpent has won a total of seven world championships (IFMAR) and thirty three European titles (EFRA) together with five Japanese championships (JMRCA) and eight U.S. (ROAR) national titles as well as three Winternats.

In 2011, VectorRC teamed up with 2 new partners in China and created Serpent Ltd Hong Kong. By moving to China, Serpent has been able to develop the car line-up massively to over 30 different models, while maintaining its quality and performance standards.

RC products[edit | edit source]

Having won 7 World Championships, Serpent RC cars are world renowned for their performances. Below is a list of all Serpent RC models.

Serpent SRX8
Serpent SRX8 GTE

List of Serpent RC vehicles on RCpedia[edit | edit source]

List of on-road electric cars[edit | edit source]

1/8th scale[edit | edit source]

  • 966/E
  • Cobra GTe

1/10th scale[edit | edit source]

  • S100
  • Tenforce
  • S120
  • S240
  • F110 Formula (F1)
  • S400
  • S411
  • S411 Eryx 2.0
  • S411 Sport
  • S411 TE
  • S411 FF
  • S500/Durango

1/12th scale[edit | edit source]

  • S120
  • S120 Link
  • S120 LTX

List of on-road engine cars[edit | edit source]

1/10th scale[edit | edit source]

  • 747
  • 835
  • Impact M2 WC/02
  • Impact M2
  • Impact Spec 2000
  • Impact 2
  • Impact Rally
  • Impact
  • 733
  • 733 Evo
  • 733 TE
  • 720 08
  • 720 07
  • 720
  • 710 Team car
  • 710 RTR
  • 710
  • 705
  • Impulse PRO 4WD
  • Impulse PRO Carbon

1/8th scale[edit | edit source]

  • 960-08
  • 960-07
  • F180 RTR
  • F180
  • 960FD
  • 960
  • 950-R
  • 950
  • 966
  • 966 TE
  • 966 TE V2
  • Vector NT 2002
  • VETEQ 02
  • Vector Spec 2000
  • Vector Spec 98
  • Vector
  • Excel MK II
  • Excel 9000
  • Sprint 6020
  • Sprint 6010
  • Sprint 6000
  • Quattro
  • Club Racer
  • Quattro Compact
  • Super Pro
  • Competition MK III
  • 977 Viper
  • Cobra GT
Serpent 977 EVO
Serpent 977 EVO Viper

List of off-road electric cars[edit | edit source]

1/8th scale[edit | edit source]

  • Cobra 811 Be
  • Cobra 811 Be 2.0
  • Cobra 811 Be Sport
  • Other 1/8 Electric Buggys

1/10th scale[edit | edit source]

  • Spyder SRX-2 MM
  • Spyder SRX-2 RM
  • Other 1/10 Electric Buggys

List of off-road engine cars[edit | edit source]

1/8th scale[edit | edit source]

  • Nitro
  • Spirit
  • Cobra
  • Cobra 811
  • Cobra 811 2.0
  • Cobra 811 Sport
  • Cobra 811 T
  • Cobra 811 TE

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