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Schumacher Racing is a British manufacturer of radio controlled cars founded in Northampton, England in 1978 by Cecil Schumacher, an F1 transmission designer. One of the first Schumacher product was the ball differential which became very popular and once one of the fundamental items found in an RC car.

Schumacher Cougar KD 1/10 buggy

Since the 1980s, Schumacher has been an active and innovative manufacturer in the RC racing community and produced race winning products. Later, schumacher marketed ready to run vehicles.

Schumacher's Famous competition circuit 1/12th 'C' car was introduced in 1982 and won several titles including a European Championship. In 1987 the Iconic CAT XLS driven by Masami Hirosaka won the IFMAR World Championship.

In 2001, Cecil Schumacher's son Robin Schumacher took over the company as Managing Director.

Schumacher also sells a range of accessories and supplies its customers with motors, batteries, speed controls, tyres, chargers, tools, and radio control equipments.

Schumacher Racing also supports drivers and customers running Schumacher cars and distributed products at major race meetings in the UK and accross the World.  Events like the BRCA British Nationals, EFRA Euro's, IFMAR World Championships and more recently EOS and ETS Championships.

History[edit | edit source]

Below is a complete timeline of schumacher Racing's history:

1980s[edit | edit source]

Schumacher produced its first RC car in 1981, the XL Lexan chassis pan car with its intentionally highly flexible chassis geared towardss indoor racing. In 1983, the brand released the "C" car made primarly out of fibreglass reinforced epoxy resin sheet and designed for racing on carpet. The car included many features that are still around on modern 1/12 scale car. The car won several races including the european championship in 1985 and 1988.

Schumacher K178
Schumacher K178 1/10 2WD buggy

In the second half of the 1980s, off-road RC cars became increasely popular hence the launch by Schumacher in 1986 of the first 4WD 1/10-scale off-road buggy: the SWB CAT. It was the first occurence of the CAT (Competition All Terrain) brand for Schumacher. This first SWB variant (Standard Wheel Base) 4WD car became an instant success with serious RC fans and cemented its popularrity into history with Masami Hirosaka's win at the 1987 IFMAR off-road RC World Championships.

  • 1978: The first ball differential was invented by Cecil Schumacher, an F1 transmission designer.
  • 1980: Schumacher Racing was started by Cecil Schumacher.
  • 1981: The first car, the Schumacher XL 1/12th car was introduced.
  • 1983: The legendary 1/12th scale ‘C’ car was introduced.
  • 1985: & 1988 Schumacher ‘C’ car wins European Championships.
  • 1986: The CAT 4WD 1/10th scale off road buggy was introduced.
  • 1987: The CAT, driven by Masami Hirosaka wins the World Championships.
  • 1988: The first 2WD buggy, the TOP CAT was introduced.
  • 1989: The 4WD PRO CAT and 2WD TopCat win the European Championships.

1990s[edit | edit source]

During the 1990s and following the success of its first generation off-road CATs, Schumacher kept on producing several successful off and on-road electric cars. Later in the 90s, the popularity of RC touring car class affected the off-road world. Schumacher thus reduced the development of the buggy class through the 1990s.

  • 1990: The 4WD PRO CAT and 2WD Cougar win the European Championships.
  • 1991: The Nitro 10 range of cars introduced which developed into the Nitro 21 and some of the first ready to run nitro vehicles.
  • 1994, 95, 96, 97: 4 consecutive European Championships for the CAT 4wd buggies.
  • 1996: The first SST 1/10th electric touring car was introduced.
  • 1997: to 2006 Schumacher touring cars win 10 USA national titles.

2000s[edit | edit source]

At the begining of the new century, Schumacher product line-up geared towards the "fun" cars with increasing number of nitro products but the market remaine mainly focused on 1/10 competition touring cars.

  • 2001: Cecil’s son Robin Schumacher takes over as Managing Director.
  • 2002: Fusion range of 80mph nitro cars introduced.
  • 2003: Menace range of 70mph nitro trucks introduced.
  • 2005: Mi2 touring car wins the European Championships with Teemu Leino.
  • 2008: Schumacher return to electric off road racing with the revolutionary CAT SX.
  • 2009 & 2010: The Mi4 touring car wins the British Championships with Chris Grainger.
  • 2009: Manic twin engined monster truck introduced.
  • 2009: A modified Schumacher Mi3.5 touring car achieves a Guinness World Record for R/C cars of 161mph.
Schumacher Mi 3.5
Schumacher Mi 3.5 Pro

2010s[edit | edit source]

Starting in 2010, the market saw a flood of cheap high-volume low-margin ready to run cars produced in Asia. Schumacher tuned its focus to high level 1/10-scale electrical competitive cars. Alongside their Mi touring car range the company re-entered the off-road market with the CAT SX (4WD) and Cougar SV (2WD). Vintage racing of older designed cars became popular with Schumacher re-releasing the CAT XLS in 2017 and then its popular Top Cat.

In the mid 2010s a move was made to help the sport grow with the introduction of a number of lower priced competition cars such as the Mi1 touring car which was introduced alongside the ever evolving top spec version. Schumacher also increased its distrution business of other none competing RC products.

  • 2010: Schumacher return to 2WD off road with the ground breaking Cougar SV and promptly win the BRCA Championship with Tom Cockerill.
  • 2011: Contact tyres launched, and win the 1/8th World and Euro Finals.
  • 2012: The SupaStox 1/12th range is launched, 30 years since Schumacher last introduced a 1/12th car!
  • 2012/2013: Chris Ashton wins  2 x BRCA GT12 Championships.
  • 2013: The awesome CAT K1 and Mi5 launched and SupaStox takes double British Championship title.
  • 2013: Chris Grainger wins the BRCA Touring Car Nationals with the Mi5
  • 2013: Revolutionary Cougar KF Launched.
  • 2013/14: Chris Ashton wins  2 x BRCA GT12 Championships.
  • 2014: Darren Bloomfield wins BRCA 2WD Nationals Championship with Cougar KF.
  • 2015: Cougar KF2 Launched.
  • 2015: Elliott Harper Wins BRCA Touring Car National Championship with the Mi5evo.
  • 2015: Michal Orlowski wins the EFRA 4WD Euro's at Robin Hood Raceway with the CAT K1 Aero.
  • 2016: CAT K2, Atom GT12 and Mi6 Launched. Michal Orlowski wins both 2WD and 4WD classes at the EOS in Poland with the CAT K2 and KF2SE.
  • 2016: Schumacher returns to 1/12th carpet LMP12 with the release of the Eclipse.
  • 2017: Michal Orlowski TQ's and wins both 2WD and 4WD classes at the DHI Cup in Denmark using the CAT K2 and Cougar KC prototype.
  • 2017: Michal Orlowski wins the GT12 World Championship in Milton Keynes.
  • 2017: Mi6evo, Cougar KC and KD released.
  • 2017: Schumacher Re-Release the famous 1987 World Championship winning CAT XLS Masami.
  • 2017: Michal Orlowski take the EOS title in 2WD.
  • 2017/2018: Andy Murray wins the BRCA GT12 Championship.
  • 2018: CAT L1 Buggy Released.
  • 2018: Michal Orlowski wins 2WD and 4WD EOS series with KC and L1.
  • 2018/19: Andy Murray wins British GT12 Championship.
  • 2018: Schumacher Eclipse 2 Released.
  • 2019: CAT L1 EVO, Eclipse 3, Mi7, TOP CAT 'Classic' and Atom 2 Launched.
  • 2019: Michal Orlowski takes the EOS title in 2WD.
  • 2019: Michal Orlowski takes EFRA 1/12th European Title in Stock.
  • 2019: James Hart and Olly Jefferies win both the Stock and Modified BRCA Touring Car Championships.
  • 2019: Michal Orlowski takes 3rd in 4WD at the IFMAR Worlds in Trencin, Slovakia.
  • 2019/20: Andy Murray wins British GT12 Championship.

2020s[edit | edit source]

In January 2020 Schumacher won IFMAR 1/12 World Championships held in Milton Keynes.

  • 2020: Michal Orlowski and Andy Murray TQ the IFMAR 1/12th World Championship in Modified and Stock with Eclipse 3's.
  • Marc Rheinard comes from 4th on the grid to win the IFMAR 1/12th Worlds, Orlowski finishes 2nd.  Andy Murray wins the Stock 1/12th IFMAR Worlds.  
  • 2020: Cougar Laydown Stock Spec is released.
  • 2020: Jorn Neuman wins EFRA Euro's 1/12th Stock Championship.
  • 2020: COVID 19 Pandemic hits and racing activities are suspended.
  • 2020: Schumacher's Instagram account is launched.
  • 2020: Storm ST 1/10th Stadium Truck is released.
  • 2021: Eclipse 4 LMP12 car released.
  • 2021: Cougar LD2 car released.
  • 2021: Schumacher take on the JConcepts line.
  • 2021: Schumacher Mi8 prototype's TQ and win both classes at the BRCA Bedworth national.
  • 2021: Andy Murray is crowned BRCA Nationals Stock Champion.
  • 2021: Andy Murray is crowned BRCA Clubmans Champion.
  • 2022: Mi8 Touring car is released.
  • 2022: Dan Robin wins the BRCA GT12 Championship.
  • 2022: The Icon 2 Formula car is released.
  • 2022: Michal Orlowski TQ's and Wins Stock and Modified at the EFRA 1/12th Euros at Hudy Arena.
  • 2022: Cougar Classic Re-release is launched.

RC Products[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of Schumacher RC vehicles in different scales.

List of all Schumacher Racing RC vehicles on RCpedia[edit | edit source]

List of Schumacher Racing RC vehicles by category[edit | edit source]

1/10-scale 4WD off-road buggies[edit | edit source]

Date Name Kit and launch RRP No. Details
Dec 2019–Present Cat L1 Evo K183
Apr 2018– Nov 2019 Cat L1 K176
Dec 2015 – 2018 CAT K2 K159 Kit
K169 Assembled
Dec 2013 – 2015 CAT K1 Aero K147 Kit
K149 Assembled
Dec 2012 – 2013 CAT K1 K135 Pro K1 Kit
K136 Pro K1 Assembled
June 2011 – 2012 CAT SX3 K119 Pro C/F Kit
K120 Pro C/F Assembled

K121 S1 Kit
K122 S1 Assembled
Launched at January 2011 Nurnberg Toy Fair it is an update of the SX2
Jan 2009 – 2011 CAT SX2 K101 – Pro C/F Kit
K102 – Pro CF Assembled
K103 – S1 Kit
K104 – S1 Assembled
Jan 2008 – 2009 CAT SX K078 (4–2) NI-MH Kit
K079 Stick LiPo Kit
K091 LiPo Phil Booth Signature
K092 LiPo S1 Composite Assembled
Launched at January 2008 Nurnberg Toy Fair
Never (2005) CAT 4000 This car never went into production but prototype was seen at several BRCA National and Regional events in early 2005
2002–2004 CAT 3000 Evo KO19X
2000 CAT 3000 KO19X
1997 CAT 98 U421D
1997 CAT 2000SE U408M Update of the 2000 based on spec of Jukka Steenari's 1996 Euro Champ car
1997 CAT 2000ECS U401F Cheaper version of the EC (no slipper etc.)
1995 CAT 2000EC U498Y CAT 2000 with new shell, sus. geometry and laydown shocks.
1993 Oct CAT 2000 U460M
1993 (March) Bosscat Works U455H
1992 Bosscat Sports U444W
1992 Bosscat Competition U440S
1992 Procat SE U427F
1989 Procat U409N
1989 CAT XLS T403 Saddle Pack
1987 CAT XL 4wd T401 Stick Pack
Longer wheelbase and bodied version of the T400
1986 SWB CAT T400 First 1/10-scale off-road racing buggy

1/10-scale 2WD off-road buggies[edit | edit source]

Jun 2021–present Cougar LD2 'Stock Spec' K191 Kit Evolution design of Laydown for Carpet, Astro and Clay. Primarily for Stock spec racing with fixed transmission and carbon chassis
Jun 2021–present Cougar LD2 K190 Kit Evolution design of Laydown for Carpet, Astro and Clay
Apr 2019–Jul-21 Cougar Laydown K180 Kit Evolution design for carpet, Astro and Clay
Feb 2017–present Cougar KC K170 Kit Evolution of the KF2 design for carpet and Astro
Jan 2017–present Cougar KD K170 Kit Evolution of the KF2 design for Dirt
Jan 2015 – 2019 Cougar KF2 K155 Kit
K156 Assembled
Evolution of the KF
Nov 2013 – 2015 Cougar KF K143 Kit
K144 Assembled
Mid-motored belt drive using a lot of CAT K1 ideas for high grip such as astro turf
Sept 2013–present Cougar KR K139 Kit
K140 Assembled
Rear motored for dirt
2012 April – Nov 2013 Cougar SVR K133 Kit
K134 Assembled
Developed from the Cougar SV but for dirt and low traction surfaces.
2012–present Cougar SV2 K123 Kit
K124 Assembled
Launched at the Nurnberg Toy Fair in Feb 2012
2010–2012 Cougar SV K111 Pro CF – Kit
K112 Pro CF – Assembled
K113 Race S1 – Kit
K114 Race S1 – Assembled
There was a "2011 Spec" edition that had some upgrades.
2002 Fireblade EVO mk.2 KO15T Chassis mods for strength, new frt & rear towers, larger rr whl bearings
1999 Fireblade EVO mk.1 KO15T Evolution of Cougar 2000 series
1998 Fireblade USA U424G Upright shock angles (equal frt & rr), 7 cell slots, new motor position
1997 Fireblade 2000 U407L
1995 Club10 Mk 2 Cougar U441T
1995 Cougar '95 Team U499Z
1995 Cougar 2000 '95 spec U474A Also known as "XPC" spec with narrow chassis, SACs
1994 Cougar 2000 '94 spec U457J As per 1993 car, but now with Co-Axial driveshafts & diff to match
1993 Cougar 2000 U457J Double deck composite chassis, geared drivetrain
1992 Cougar 2 Works U452E
1992 Cougar Club 10 U441T "Sport" version of Cougar. 540 motor + MSC
1991 Cougar 2 Team U431J Roller d/shafts, fully ballraced inc. steering
1991 Cougar 2 Racing U430I Slipper, 10 sealed ballraces, full spring set
1991 Cougar 2 Sport U429H Hybrid 23 mm diff, varishocks but no slipper and not fully ballraced
1990 Cougar U415T
1988 Topcat U404J F1 style lay down suspension
1987 CAT XL 2wd T402

1/10 4WD electric touring car[edit | edit source]

Date Name Kit and launch RRP Details
2019 – Mi7
2018 – 2019 Mi6evo
June 2014 – 2018 Mi5Evo K148 – Pro C/F Kit
K150 – Pro C/F Assembled
2013–present Mi1v2 K151 – Kit
K152 – Assembled
Update of Mi1
May 2013 – 2014 Mi5 K137 – Pro C/F Kit
K138 – Pro C/F Assembled
Jan 2012 – 2013 Mi4CXL K127 – Pro C/F Kit
K128 – Pro C/F Assembled
2011–2012 Mi4CX K117 – Pro C/F Kit
K118 – Pro C/F Assembled
Late 2010 – 2013 Mi1 K115 Kit
K116 Assembled
Mi4LP K107 – Mi4LP Pro CF Kit
K109 – Mi4LP Pro CF Assembled
K108 – Mi4LP Race S1 Kit
K110 – Mi4LP Race S1 Assembled
Mi4 k094 Pro-CF – Assembled
k093 Pro-CF – Kit
Aug 2008 Mi3.5 K082 – Race-S1
K081 – Pro-CF – Trg 5 Cell
K080 – Pro-CF – Trg 6 cell
May 2007 Mi3 K073 Mi-3 Pro
2005–2008 Mi2 EC K058 – Touring
K059 – USA Foam Spec
2004 Mi2 K046 Mi-2 S1
K047 Carbon
2003 Mission Mission S1 K026
Mission Carbon K?
1999–2001 SST 99 Pro
Approx 1997 SST2000
SST Sport
SST Sport Lancer EVO 6
SST Sport Volvo S40
SST Subaru WRC
SST Axis 2
SST Axis
Cat 2000 Touring Escort Cosworth
Alfa Romeo 155
Opel Calibra
Mercedes C-Class
Ford Mondeo
1995 Bosscat Touring U473Z – Escort Cosworth
U483J – Alfa Romeo 155
U484K – Opel Calibra
U485L – Mercedes C-Class
U486M – Ford Mondeo
Wildcat Touring Escort Cosworth
Alfa Romeo 155
Opel Calibra
Mercedes C-Class
Ford Mondeo

1/12 2WD Electric Pan Car[edit | edit source]

Date Name Kit # Details
2019–present Eclipse 3
2019 Eclipse 2 K177
2016–2018 Eclipse K169
1981 XL Lexan Pan Car Schumacher First Complete Car with the flexible lexan chassis
1983–1988 C-Car C200
C204 Euro Spec
FRP chassis
1984 – 198? B-Car Simpler version of the C Car for club racing
1988 – 1990 C-Car SPC C204 FRP chassis to replace the flexible lexan

1/12 GT12 circuit and 1/12 oval[edit | edit source]

Date Name Kit and launch Details
2012 April – 2014 SupaStox K131 – Four-cell NiMh/1S Lipo
K132 – 6 cell NiMh/2S Saddle
K141 – 1S with Hotrod Oval Body
K142 – 2S with Saloonstox body
2014 Nov SupaStox GT K154 – S1/Diff
K157 – C/F
2016 Jan - 2019 SupaStox ATOM K163 – Sport with fixed rear axle with no diff, no side dampers, old style SupaStox rear wheels

K164 – Pro with C/F Pro diff, side dampers, left rear wheel clamp, new Atom GT12 wheels
2019 Sep - Present ATOM 2 K179 S2 GT12 Kit Alloy
K184 S2 GT12 Kit Carbon Fibre

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