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Welcome to RCpedia

RCpedia is a RC dedicated website meaning it is intended to provide information to RC enthusiasts by RC enthusiasts.

As RC enthusiats ourselves, we wanted to provide our community with one website for all RC information. Whatever your favorite brand or model, we want to build a place where all information sits and evolves, to publish the most up to date content to you and others.

It allows you (and hopefully thousands of others) to participate into the content provided, edited and managed by RCpedia. We hope you will become an active member to help us provide the community with the best possible RC data and information.

Because of its community nature, RCpedia is a Collective Work! That means that it is is protected as a Collective Work (Oeuvre collective) under French Law and under article L. 113-2 paragraph 3 of the Intellectual Property Code (article L. 113-2 alinéa 3 du Code de la propriété intellectuelle).

We truly hope you will embark with us on this adventure to grow our RC community and build on this shared RC passion.

RCpedia Founder