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Kyosho Corporation (Kyōshō Kabushiki Kaisha) is a Japanese radio-controled vehicles manufacturer based in Tokyo. The company operates internationally under the famous brand KYOSHO. Its main office is located in Chiyoda, and the production headquarters are located in Atsugi, Kanagawa.

Kyosho Optima Mid 1/10 buggy

Kyosho was established in October 1963 and created its first trademark radio-controlled model car in 1970. Kyosho is a world-renown and one of the oldest RC makers in Japan, and produces a wide variety of products, including cars, airplanes, helicopters, and boats. Kyosho also produces highly detailed die-cast model cars, which production started in 1992.

Its major competitor in the RC automobile market is Tamiya. Kyosho has avoided direct competition against Tamiya in the hobby grade RC cars market since the 80s and 90s, where Tamiya was most active, focusing instead on designing professional 1/8 scale racing buggies, Mini-Z series, and RC helicopters; areas in which Kyosho dominates today. The company is best known for the Inferno, its 1:8 scale competition buggies; Mini-Z series, and RC helicopters.

History[edit | edit source]

Kyosho Corporation Founder with Dash1 RC car
Kyosho Founder Hisashi Suzuki (Left) with Dash 1

The Kyosho Corporation was founded in October, 1963 by Mr. Hisashi Suzuki in Tokyo to market models, toys and sundry goods both domestically and internationally. In 1967, the company purchased a 330 square meters site in Hirakawa-cho and created its first trademark R/C car in 1970.

Kyosho built its RC ventures as radio-controled (RC) vehicles spread through the model market in the 1960s. At the time, RC vehicles were regarded as luxury items and the market was focused on model aircrafts.

Hisashi Suzuki (founder and then President of Kyosho) pushed for the development and production of an RC car and in October 1970, the DASH 1 was released. It is considered to be the first ever RC car to have been produced in Japan. The DASH 1 was priced at 23,000 Yen without the engine.

Kyosho Dash 1 RC car (1970)
Kyosho Dash 1 from 1970

In the first years of Kyosho RC products, some of its RC cars and bikes were marketed in Europe through the Graupner company under similar or totally different names.

Production of die-cast model cars began in 1992.

Today, the Kyosho Corporation is lead by President & CEO Katsumi Watanabe. 64 people are employed at its headquarters in Atsugi-shi (Kanagawa Prefecture). The global operations of Kyosho are divided between the Japan headquarters, KYOSHO AMERICA and KYOSHO EUROPE. Kyosho's products are distributed through a vast global distribution network both online and in the remaining few local Resellers.

Products reference numbers[edit | edit source]

Compared to its nemesis Tamiya, Kyosho has a more straightforward products reference numbering management system. RC cars reference numbers start with 3 (3xxxx) with electric cars starting with 34 (34xxx) and nitro RC cars starting with 33 (33XXX) while Mini-z cars and chassis start with 32 (32XXX). Exceptions exist with the Lengedary Series cars starting with 30 (30XXX) in reference to the original models which also started with 30 but with only 4 digits in the complete reference number (30XX).

Notable RC models[edit | edit source]

Kyosho Javelin 3031 side shot
Kyosho Javelin from 1986 (3031)

After first appearing in the 1970s, the 1/10 scale electric off-road car (buggy) became immensely popular in the 1980s, leading to the release of several different models. Many of these models have retained popularity, even after going out of production and until today.

RC Products[edit | edit source]

Since the introduction of the first Kyosho RC car (the DASH 1) in 1970, Kyosho has released over 1,000 references of RC car models in both nitro (engine cars) and electric.

List of all Kyosho RC vehicles on RCpedia[edit | edit source]

Engine cars[edit | edit source]

The first Kyosho RC car was a nitro car (engine car). The DASH 1 used imported marine engines such as the 19-class VECO (West Germany) and the K&B (U.S.A.) with a Perry Carburettor and Kyosho's Fuel Stopper and a car muffler.

Strength and weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Kyosho has been producing nitro RC cars since day one in 1970 which means its experience in engine cars runs over 50 years.

List of engine cars[edit | edit source]

Discontinued engine car models[edit | edit source]

1/8 on-road[edit | edit source]
  • Fantom series
  • Esprit GP20 Supereight
1/8 off-road[edit | edit source]
  • LandJump
  • Circuit 20
  • USA-1
  • Burns
  • Inferno
  • Landmax
1/10 off-road[edit | edit source]
  • Circuit 10 series
1/12 off-road[edit | edit source]
  • Peanut Buggy series
1/12 on-road[edit | edit source]
  • Peanut Racer series

Current engine car models[edit | edit source]

1/8 on-road[edit | edit source]
  • Evolva series (Evolva 2003, Evolva 2005, Evolva 2007, Evolva M3, Evolva M3 Evo)
  • Inferno GT series
1/7 off road[edit | edit source]
  • Scorpion GP XXL
1/8 off road[edit | edit source]
  • ST series
1/8 off-road[edit | edit source]
  • Inferno
1/10 on-road[edit | edit source]
  • Pure-Ten series (Alpha, Alpha II, Alpha III, V-ONE, FW-05T, FW-06, FAZER)
1/10 off-road[edit | edit source]
  • Inferno TR15
1/16 off-road[edit | edit source]
  • GP Mini Inferno 09
  • Inferno NEO ST Race Spec (33002)
  • INFERNO ST-RR Evo.2 (33004)
  • INFERNO ST (31351)
  • INFERNO ST-R (31352)
  • INFERNO ST-RR (31353)
  • INFERNO ST-RR Evo (31375)
  • GP ULTIMA ST Type-R (31971)

Electric on-road cars[edit | edit source]

Strength and weaknesses[edit | edit source]

List of electric on-road cars[edit | edit source]

Plazma Series[edit | edit source]
  • PLAZMA Formula (30412)
  • PLAZMA Ra (30422)
  • PLAZMA Ra2.0 (30423)
  • PLAZMA Lm Chassis (30962)
Legendary Series[edit | edit source]

Electric off-road cars[edit | edit source]

Strength and weaknesses[edit | edit source]

List of electric off-road cars[edit | edit source]

  • PSYCHO KRUISER VE readyset (30886)
  • FO-XX VE (30887)
  • MAD FORCE KRUISER 2.0 VE (30888)
  • FO-XX (31228)
  • MAD FORCE KRUISER 2.0 (31229)
  • NITRO TRACKER (33101)
  • MAD CRUSHER GP (33152)
  • FO-XX 2.0 (33154)
  • ULTIMA RT5 (30065)
  • ULTIMA RT6 (30069)
  • ULTIMA SC6 (30070)
  • Outlaw Rampage PRO (34362)
  • SANDMASTER (30831)
  • NeXXt (30836)
  • AXXE (34401)
  • Monster Tracker 2.0 (34404)
  • MAD VAN VE readyset (34491)

Legendary Series[edit | edit source]

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