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Kyosho Optima Mid box 1/10 scale boxart
1/10 scale detail on Kyosho Optima Mid box

The scale of a radio-controled vehicle refers to the size of the model as compared to its full-size counterpart. For instance, a 1/10th scale Formula 1 Indy RC car is 1/10th the size of, or 10 times smaller than, the size of the real thing.

1/10th scale buggies are smaller, rear-wheel-drive vehicles that are nowadays mostly available in electric powered models but some are available with combustion engines. Like their larger counterparts, 1/10 buggies are very low and fast, well-suited for the track. Most manufacturers of 1/10 buggies use the same chassis for a stadium truck model as well, simply altering the suspension components to create different vehicles.

1/10th scale RC car size comparison

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