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Bashing or backyard bashing is the operation of a radio-controlled model in a casual, non-competitive environment outside of organized racing. Bashing an RC car means driving it on any type of terrain and without limit on how fast to go or how high to jump while testing the limit of the car.

Arrma Granite Voltage

Non-racing model cars and trucks such as the Tamiya Blackfoot were among the earliest bashing radio-controlled vehicles available. Models of this type remain popular today. Some are slightly detuned racers such as on-road sedans by Team Losi and Team Associated while some nitro-powered monster trucks such as the Traxxas Revo and HPI Savage 25 are specifically geared toward "fun running."

For the general public and RC enthusiasts alike, bashing can be considered racing without rules or regulations and may include making jumps while trying to control the vehicle in the air to master the landing and avoid breaking parts which often happen while bashing.

Bashing can take place in a backyard or any other place that offers bump or long straight lines such as:

  • Skate parks: an ideal place to jump with ramps, quarter-pipes and vertical sections
  • Industrial parking lots: flat asphalt surfaces perfect for high speed runs
  • AVT trails: big trucks heaven with tracks with lots of turns, climbs, and jumps
  • Beaches: with sand tires, beaches offer vast areas of fun free of obstacles
  • Reservoir dams: flat large spaces perfect for obstacle speed runs

For the purpose of bashing, drivers will look for a car with the following abilities:

Losi 8ight buggy bashing
A 1/8th RC car bashing
  • Sturdiness: a car designed for bashing should make it easy to turn, spin and jump while remaining whole. It should allow for rough handling and safe high jump landings.
  • Durability: because bashing cars are sturdy they are also heavy. A durable bashing car should have strong reinforced parts to prevent breaks on landing.
  • Ground clearance: the diversity of landscapes on which bashing RC cars run makes it mandatory to favor cars with high ground clearance since high rocks can easily bend a rod in the steering system and frontal accidents can bend the entire chassis.
  • Low maintenance: bashing is by definition an activity during which cars are at the most risk of being broken. The chassis of a bashing car should be easy to maintain and parts easy to remove and replace.

In order to provide this set of abilities, several manufacturers offer specific bashing-oriented reinforced cars and trucks.

Bashing dedicated vehicles[edit | edit source]

Reinforced 7075 T6 aluminum Kraton EXB bashing chassis
Example of a bashing chassis in 7075 T6 aluminum for the Arrma Kraton EXB

Brands often add acronyms to the original name of a vehicle to specify its bashing abilities such as EXB for "EXtreme Bashing" for Arrma vehicles or XTR for "Extreme" for Team Corally vehicles. Such vehicles will come with ligther and reinforced parts using stronger materials such as 7075 T6 aluminum or woven carbon fibers. The following parts may be improved on vehicles designed specifically for bashing:

  • Chassis plate(s)
  • Reinforced front and rear triangles support
  • Reinforced front and rear triangles
  • High tensile steel connecting rods
  • Reinforced chassis
  • Reinforced shock mounts
  • Limited slip center and front differentials
  • Stiffer and lighter servo mount
  • Waterproof receiver box
  • Larger front bumper
  • Reinforced wing mount

Notable bashing RC cars[edit | edit source]

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