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Tekno RC Logo
Tekno RC Logo

Tekno RC LLC (commonly known as Tekno) is an American manufacturer of radio-controlled cars founded by Daniel Lewis in 2005 in San Diego, California, United States. Tekno enjoys a large fan base with their cars having won numerous championships at the regional, continental and world level.

Tekno EB48
Tekno EB48


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Since he was a child in the early 80s, Daniel Lewis dreamt of developing his own RC car. It took him three decades to see his childhood dream come to life. As many other RC manufacturers, Tekno started out by producing parts for third party, some used by world champions, before developing their first car in the mid-2010s.

RC products

List of off-road electric vehicles

Tekno EB48 2.1 buggy
Tekno EB48 2.1 buggy

1/8th scale

  • ET48 2.0
  • EB48 2.0

Discontinued 1/8th scale

  • EB48.3
  • EB48.4
  • EB48SL
  • ET48.3

1/10th scale

  • EB410.2
  • ET410.2
  • MT410
  • SC410.3

Discontinued 1/10th scale

  • EB410
  • ET410

List of off-road engine vehicles

1/8th scale

  • NB48 2.1
  • NT48 2.0

Discontinued 1/8th scale

  • NB48.3
  • NB48.4
  • NB48 2.0
  • NT48.3


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