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Redcat Logo
Redcat Racing Logo

Redcat Racing (known commonly as Redcat) is an american radio-controled car manufacturer founded by Darin Oreman in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. From 2018 until July 2020, Axial co-founder and ex-HPI Racing employee Jeff Johns was President of Redcat.

Redcat Racing Thunder Drift 1/10 On-road


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RC products

Redcat is a relative newcomer to the industry but in the past decade it has improved its overall quality and found its market.

List of off-road electric vehicles

Redcat Blackout XBE
Redcat Blackout XBE buggy

1/8th scale

  • Landslide XTE
  • TC8 Marksman
  • Kaiju

1/10th scale

  • Piranha TR10
  • Ridgerock
  • Lightning STK
  • Volcano EPX
  • Blackout XTE
  • Blackout XBE
  • Blackout SC
  • Everest-10
  • Everest Gen7 Sport
  • Everest Pro
  • Thunder Drift
  • Dukono
  • Ground Pounder
  • RC-MT10E
  • Landslide XTE
  • Gen8 v2
  • LRH285
  • Wendigo
  • Monte Carlo
  • SixtyFour
  • FiftyNine

1/16th scale

  • Volcano 16

List of off-road engine vehicles

1/5th scale

  • Rampage Chimera

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